What is Sagma?

The Stellar Awards Gospel Music Academy (SAGMA) -- a not-for-profit organization --supports, encourages and promotes Gospel music worldwide. SAGMA is an umbrella association that provides an environment for industry professionals to mobilize their efforts in promoting Gospel music


Annual membership dues of $95.00 allows each individual professional member to participate in the annual Ballot voting process for the Stellar Awards.


Admission to ‘scheduled’ Stellar Awards seminars or workshops; discounts on tickets, car rentals, and host hotel accommodations. Annual membership is valid for one full year from the time of registration.

Thank you for joining the Stellar Academy. Your role as a member of the official Stellar community – SAGMA – is vital to providing a fair and ethical Stellar Awards voting process. SAGMA members are also tasked with helping the Stellar Awards achieve its mission of spreading the good news of Gospel music throughout the world and supporting this important genre of music. The Stellar Awards has achieved years of success as the ‘greatest night in Gospel music’ by having the support of our dedicated SAGMA members.

We especially need for new artists to join and get involved to grow the entire Gospel music industry. We thank you! Don Jackson Chairman & CEO, Central City Productions Founder & Executive Producer, Stellar Gospel Music Awards

Bishop Leonard & Christine Scott
brian courtney wilson
Earl Bynum
Carisa Brown
Miz Tiffany
Stan Jones
Shree Isabell
Marquis Dolford
Dr. Feranda Williamson
Terrence J Dooley
Dr. Lady Raine
The Group Fire