Amanda Guillory

A little about me, my name is Amanda Guillory and I am a full time worship leader out in Southern California at an absolutely amazing church! I have been leading worship for a total of about 9 years and have had the opportunity to lead at many different churches throughout that time. Along with leading worship, I am a singer/songwriter and my husband and I work independently on that. He and I are currently in the process of finishing an EP. Some accomplishments Iʼve acheived recently are: 2018 Female Vocalist of the year with GMA Immerse. And also GMA honorable mention with the Cantinas Arts Foundation. Also I was

recently in Nashville and presented an award at the Dove Awards pre-tel show. This journey has been exciting and at times a bit hard as an independent artist, but Iʼm always grateful for each opportunity to grow, learn and improve in my craft. Thank you for the opportunity in the Stellar Awards Independent Artist Showcase. Many blessings!